For those of us who’ve somehow managed to let the whole thing pass us by, probably by virtue of being busy and not living in England, there appears to be a royal wedding happening this week…

So – for those who think their learners might be interested, here are a few resources and sites that might be useful:

Simon Thomas reports on Sean Banville’s “100 questions for William and Kate” – an extensive and intensive role play scenario.

Breaking News English have materials etc on the Royal Wedding Stamps controversy and they also have a wealth of materials and resources on the royal wedding invitations / the wedding in general.

Michelle Henry seems to have managed to collect every single news story, picture, video that’s out there – including etiquette videos, spoof wedding films, protocols, wedding related promotional products and newspaper political cartoons.  You just need to scroll down the page when you get there to find the various entries!

Another Sean Banville site, Listen a Minute, has what appears to be a step by step text constructor game based on a royal wedding text.  But I didn’t actually finish the game, so I’m not sure.

Chris Speck has a royal wedding powerpoint lesson to stimulate discussion with intermediate level learners.  He also mentions that TES has some good resources for members, as does the Guardian Teacher site (also for members).  Thanks Chris!

NewsFlashEnglish has an extensive set of activities, materials and tasks related to the wedding, but again, I haven’t delved to deeply into them.

Sonya Horton has posted two resources on Promethean Planet:  one for older learners and one for younger learners.  These are “flipcharts” – which I’m not familiar with – I think for use with interactive whiteboards?  Not sure.  But they look really good, so hopefully there’s a way for you to use them!

Finally, the British news media are of course doing themselves proud – the BBC coverage is fairly extensive, but don’t forget that other news gathering organisations are available!  Late addition:  the Guardian, full of respect and admiration for the impending royal nuptials has this to add: “Not the Royal Wedding” – a nice selection of satirical takes on what is not going to be happening on the big day!

And of course, there’s always the official royal wedding website for your one stop royal wedding needs, including twitter feed, flickr pics, facebook groups, live video stream and all the rest!