The “associação portuguesa de professores de inglês” (Portuguese Association of teachers of English) had their conference last weekend and by all accounts a fun time was had by all, though I didn’t get down to Lisbon this time.

Some TEFL’s familiar names were there to share: Tessa Woodward, Alan Maley, Jeremy Harmer, Lindsay Clandfield, Adrian Tennant….  as well as contributors and speakers from across the Portuguese tefl spectrum.

Now I wasn’t there, but…  fortunately, the APPI people decided to blog the whole thing and have put most of it up on a wordpress blog here:

APPI Conference 2011.

The conference programme, complete with abstracts etc is available as a pdf download, so you can decide what to try and get your hands on before time.

Some of the sessions and talks were videoed and will shortly be available either from the blog or from the appi website, though at the time of writing, I’m don’t think they’re up just yet.  Also, speakers and contributors will be adding materials and posting slides etc to their blog pages, though again, this might not have happened just yet!

About a month and a half ago, in this post, I mentioned Anna Pires’s excellent session “if you can’t beat them join them”, which I believe she reprised for APPI – I heard a rumour she’ll be posting her stuff on the conference blog, but haven’t spotted her there yet.  

Also, I can recommend Jenny Bartlett’s “Perfecting Practice”  which has a nice set of considerations to help make practice activities more effective, and also includes a set of nice ideas to take away and use in the classroom.


I’ve just come across Mark Andrews’ “Classrooms on the Danube” blog – who has also been discussing recent goings on at APPI.  Mark talks about a twitter conversation he had with Jeremy Harmer, during Alan Maley’s session, about Jane Harding’s mind maps.  And about how, through the use of twitter, he, whilst in Budapest, was able to participate in a talk given in Lisbon.  An interesting post and worth reading here: