That’s right!  In honour of that special time of year, when morale starts once again to lift in anticipation of the holiday season, teflgeek is preparing it’s very own twelve days of geekmas.

teflgeek’s taken one of the most beloved christmas carols and tortured it beyond all reason to try and fit a mad teflesque version of reality in which, amongst other things “clutching” rhymes with “drumming” and “FCE” for…  well, you’ll have to wait for that!  Fortunately, I’m not the only one who’s seen fit to play havoc with the classics – the selection of you tube videos below should attest to that!

The basic plan is to release, between the 1st December and the 16th (when I go on holiday), twelve separate posts – one representing each of the twelve days.  Not that the posts are necessarily related to christmas at all, though they might be.

By the way – while I was doing a spot of research, I came across the Christmas Price Index – an economic inflation index based on the cost of purchasing the items in the song.  For this years’ figures – here’s the PNC Bank flash animation site with all the figures (Skip the intro).  An interesting one for anyone with business classes!

So stay tuned for more geekmas madness!

Here’s a traditional version of the original carol, complete with choir, orchestra and professional dancers:

Here’s the classic 1979 John Denver & The Muppets – sadly the quality isn’t brilliant.

Here’s a modern re-working:  Straight No Chaser do an a cappella version which includes at one point, singing the carol to the tune of Toto’s “Out of Africa”:

And finally, somewhat bizarrely, here’s an animated bollywood parody by boymongoose: