The Guardian today has a fantastic collection of time lapse videos gathered from the far reaches of the internet.

One of the most visually appealing is the “Terra Sacra Time Lapses” (as below), which has landscapes and locations from 24 different countries all bundled into six minutes:

A nice challenge for learners might be to try and identify as many of the countries / locations as possible, followed by a discussion on which of the locations featured they would most like to visit and why.  This could then turn into the learners planning their own round the world trip.

Another video that might be fun to use in class is “The Sandpit” – a sort of day in the life of New York city:

Apart from the obvious comparison between life in New York and life wherever your class are, there are a large number of activities displayed in the video – asking learners to identify these and then to say which ones formed part of their daily routines might help focus classes on the similarities of life across cultures, rather than focusing on the differences.

Guardian readers have also added some of their favourite time lapse videos in the comments section below the article – it’s worth checking out some of these.  There’s a nice one from the British Geological Survey showing a year in the life of a glacier – and showing the visible reduction in glacier size over the course of the year – visible evidence of global warming?