This pretty infographic was originally spotted on the OUP ELT Global blog, who in turn found it on the Kaplan Blog.  I reproduce it here for your interest and amusement and because it looks pretty.

Frankly, I think the title is misleading.  It doesn’t tell us “How To teach English” – it tells us how a possibly non-representative sample of 503 teachers (sample data not provided in the original post) teach English, or more accurately, how they supplement their materials in the classroom.  So maybe “What we use to make our Lessons more Interesting” would be a better title…

As a semi-professional cynic (or maybe more of a hobbyist), I do wonder at the wisdom of two separate publishing companies publishing an infographic that details what teachers use instead of their products.  And personally?  I don’t see much of my teaching reflected in this image.

But it does look pretty.