IH are running another one of their increasingly popular Online Conferences this weekend:  or at least Friday 24th May and Saturday 25th May.

It’s a slightly different premise this time however, as the speakers are being limited to ten minute slots and there’ll be 60 speakers over the two days.

It’s free to attend and is open to anyone and everyone – you don’t need to work for IH to take part!

I’m speaking at some point around 4pm on Saturday afternoon and I’ll be looking at “The Tai Chi of Reading” – a phrase which had my Tai Chi instructor twitching slightly – but essentially the session borrows some of the movements and forms from Tai Chi and Chi Gong and looks at how to use them to help learners remember and use reading strategies.

If that’s of little or no interest to you, there’s another 59 speakers who between them will be looking at pretty much everything ELT.  My personal choice list includes:  Barrie Roberts on teaching reading, Matt Kendrick on the “oomph factor”, Alex Purcell on Ipads & Edmodo, Sandy Millin on “10 blogs in 10 minutes”, Shaun Wilden on “Appetising Apps”….  and that’s just from Saturday.  I’m hoping to watch as much of Friday as possible as long as work doesn’t get in the way…..

For a full rundown of who’s talking about what and when – follow the link:  http://ihworld.com/ih/ihtoc60.

All the speaker biographies, talk abstracts, time & date information, plus any tech details can be found there.


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