Last week I did a ten minute spot at the 6th International House Teachers’ Online Conference  (#IHTOC6) on themes I’d picked up on from the IATEFL conference.

My talk, which predictably over-ran and was therefore a bit rushed towards the end as I tried to cram far too much into far too little time, looked at six main themes that I took away from the conference, but which I think are also prevalent in ELT at the moment:

  • Technology is terrific
  • Technology is terrifying
  • Evidence is essential
  • Experience is evidence?
  • Stereotypical Schoolrooms
  • Desirable development

The slides from the talk are below – most of the images are hyperlinked, so to find out more about the relevant issues or background, just click and they should take you straight through.

Here, however is the You Tube video for your entertainment and enjoyment:



All the talks and all of the slides have been uploaded to the conference blog, which you can find here: