Studies in Child Language Acquisition – #01 in an occasional series

3 Sep

The two year old comes “running” into the living room brandishing a blue vaguely whale shaped bath toy that has somehow been liberated from it’s rightful home.  She toddles up to her father and thrusts it up at him:

“Daddy!  Lemon.”

“No darling, it’s a fish.”




“No sweetheart, you can tell because lemons aren’t generally known for their aquatic tendencies.  Also, it’s blue and lemons are yellow.”

Toddler looks thoughtful for a moment.  “Lemon?”

“Sure, why not?”

Which only goes to prove that we all get there in the end, oddities occur and no-one should be unduly upset if they get served with a sardine in their Gin  and Tonic by a student waitress in approximately 18 years time.


The fish and the lemon.

Can you tell the difference?


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