This is a vocabulary review / revision activity, that can be adapted for ability and time.  I’m currently using it as a warmer, but you could extend it into a more meaningful activity easily enough.

I split my class into two groups and challenge them to find words the other team won’t know from the coursebook.  They have a time limit of five minutes to come up with the words.  Then the teams take turns challenging each other with the words they have chosen.  If team B can satisfactorily explain or demonstrate the meaning that team A gave them, then they win a point.  If they can’t then team A wins the point.

As a warmer, I set a limit of five words, but this could be extended for higher levels and ages, or if you have more time to work with.  As I did it, it took about 15 minutes.

I also specify which units of the coursebook they can look at – I said they can look at everything up to where we are, but not beyond.  If you restrict that, it can give the activity more focus, but might also lead to more duplication.

That’s it – if you use this and it works, let me know, also if you have any good variations on the theme I’d love to hear them!



Acknowledgement (sort of):

I have a vague memory of someone in a previous life (possibly IH Katowice) telling me about this, but I cannot remember who.  When I rediscovered the activity the other day I was fairly sure it was my own original idea, but I am now not so sure.  So apologies to whoever (if anyone) it was and I’ll be happy to credit you if you let me know!


Image credit:  Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash