A very handy resource that I came across whilst trying to work out what was meant by “lockstep” in an ELT context…  The image of classes of learners marching side by side up and down the road didn’t seem quite right, and the definition of “A standardized procedure that is closely, often mindlessly followed.”, whilst probably closer to the mark, also seemed slightly off.  In any event, this handy glossary of all terms ELT will no doubt come in handy for those of us who want to make sure no DoS ever fully understands our observed lesson plans again or who want to blind the learners with science in an attempt to hide the actual lack of content in our lessons!  (Plus, handy for CELTA, DELTA and MA candidates who are trying to work out what the tutors are going on about this time!)

Macmillan English Dictionary: Glossary of ELT Terms.

And another added benefit – no need to fork out the fifteen quid for Scott Thornbury’s “An A-Z of ELT” – (sorry Scott!)