Here’s a brief lesson I put together for my CPE class the other day, though it’s also useful for anyone teaching IELTS.  It’s basically learner centred and learner generated, with minimal preparation and is adaptable to either exam.

The Lesson plan and materials are available to download as a pdf here:  teflgeek – Speaking Two Minute Tasks.

Any problems let me know.

Briefly – the lesson is based around narrowing down the common topic areas covered in the two minute talks section of the speaking paper, then looks at how the topic questions are phrased and what the main discussion points for each topic might be, before learners get their hands on some topic cards….

A good place to look for additional CPE & IELTS based materials is of course the Cambridge teacher support site:  

here’s the CPE section and here’s the IELTS section.

There’s also a nice Scribd document overview of the IELTS speaking exam with a list of “common topics”, though I don’t know how accurate that list is.

Hope it all helps.