This is a BBC Radio 4 documentary by Rory Bremner on how ADHD affects adults as well as children and what it can be like for all involved.

Compelling listening and required material for anyone involved in education!

The one section that particularly stood out for me was when Rory Bremner talks to a mother about how her son was eventually diagnosed with ADHD and the reactions she got from her son’s school and doctor prior to the diagnosis.

Makes you think…

If you’re in the UK you can still listen to the programme via the BBC iPlayer – there’s more information on the program and addititional related links available here.

If you aren’t in the UK, then it’s also available to download via the Radio 4 podcast “Documentary of the Week” series for the next four days.

If you want to listen to it after the 3rd June, the only other way I can think of is to subscribe to the Documentary of the week podcast via iTunes, as sometimes when you do this you can “get” older editions of the podcasts still stored on the iTunes server.