It’s almost exam time again – hence the recent trend in teflgeek posts!  So here’s a lesson on CAE writing, (though with some slight adaptation it’ll work for FCE / CPE as well).

At this stage, it’s probably best used as a general organisation and presentation review lesson, reminding learners what the different text types should look like and what, in general, they are trying to achieve with their writing.  It’s a little prescriptive and reflects my beliefs about what learners need to do.  My obsession with presentation and leaving one blank line between paragraphs is included here because, as someone who is not an examiner but who has nonetheless had the privilege of marking thousands of practice scripts and mock exams, I believe the psychological impact of a nicely presented piece of writing cannot be underestimated.  Plus there’s that target reader person to consider too….

Anyway – the lesson asks learners to consider the purpose and impact of what they’re asked to write and includes a matching task based on task descriptions adapted from the CAE Handbook (link to pdf) before including a diagramming and labelling task for the organisation of the four text types.

You can download the lesson plan and materials in pdf form here:  teflgeek – CAE Writing Overview lesson.

One further note on the lesson – it ends shortly after the feedback on the labelling task, which might be a little abruptly for some tastes?  If you have access to a test book or coursebook with a selection of tasks (or you could use the sample tasks from the handbook) a little further discussion on what learners feel their strengths and weaknesses are, followed by a learner choice writing task for homework might be an option.