Covering a colleague’s class today and opened the book at the required page to see:  “Grammar – conditionals”.  Hmm.  So what’s attached here is what I came up with as a bit of a “Conditionals review”, which (with any luck) might extend or deepen the learners’ knowledge base a little bit.

It’s quite materials light and learner-centred, and probably won’t take much preparation beyond printing off the lesson plan.  Though you might, as I have, want to just review all the little tricksy conditional stuff beforehand….

So here it is – in downloadable pdf format:  teflgeek – Advanced Conditionals Review

And just because the title was too good to resist and even though it has no connection to the lesson content at all….

Here’s that famous track from the Big Lebowski:

And as always, any feedback, comments, criticisms and queries are also welcome!